Growth Mindset and Mathematics

One of my favourite Hindi couplets(doha) that I learned in school and comes to me often as I continue to teach. करत करत अभ्यास के, जड़मति होत सुजान रसरी आवत जात ते, सिल पर परत निसान Translation- Practice makes everyone wise, just like even a soft rope, when rubbed continuously on stone, leaves a mark […]

To Practice or Not To Practice

“Don’t Practice till you get it right. Practice till you can’t get it wrong” Practice is all it takes to get better at mathematics – we often hear this. Is it right? Does it work? Can we improve how we do it? To address this issue I will divide it into two different situations – […]

What is the middle path for mathematics education ?

I have had the desire to pen down my thoughts on mathematics education for a while now. I started teaching some 20 years ago-when there were mostly blackboards and chalks ( I am sure there are places where they are still used) to teach with and the whole new approach to education was just taking […]