Abstraction in Mathematics

Is there a reduction in the members of Mathematics fan club around the age group of 9 to 12? This is when in most curriculums students are introduced to algebra with its abstraction and the letter “x”. Abstraction or abstract mathematical reasoning can be described as the switch from concrete reasoning to more rule-based reasoning. […]

Anxiety-how to manage this for mathematics

I often tell colleagues and parents that while  teaching mathematics, the building of understanding of the concepts comes after the psychological  warfare  has been won with a student’s low self-esteem and anxiety with regard to this subject. To win this battle, classroom or exam-oriented mathematics should be peppered with interesting mathematical problems or history of […]

Saga of Mathematics Teaching…..

Returning to blog after a long hiatus – summer break and travels. These travels give me an opportunity to discuss and reflect upon about different teaching styles being used in different schools mainly in Delhi – of course done through discussion with nieces and nephews. Discussions this year has further strengthened my faith in the […]

Continuing the saga of Pure versus Applied

I want to start the discussion this time by posting an interesting problem – It concerns the number of ODD and EVEN numbers which appear in Pascal’s triangle. The question is as the triangle gets larger, what is the proportion of even numbers appearing in the triangle? Does it converge to a limit? row 1 […]

Mathematics versus Applied Mathematics – Part -1

I have been reading a book “Beyond Infinity” by Eugenia Cheng and she writes “Mathematics suffers a strange burden of being required to be useful. This is not a burden placed on poetry or music or football” – I can completely understand and relate to this. This burden is increasing as we make greater advancement […]

Reading Mathematics

Concept based learning and Inquiry based learning are both interesting topics and close to my heart – but this week I want to talk about building passion in students through reading mathematics. Some interesting articles and some interesting books – not that they have to understand mathematical aspects but it just builds the excitement and […]

Food for thought

Interesting article in Wired magazine How a 19th Century Math Genius Taught Us the Best Way to Hold a Pizza Slice

The Beginning….

My blog is about Mathematics in classroom for the students-every thought and view I put down here is focused on response that I have got from my students-sometime directly and sometime indirectly(through performance, learning and interest). I would like to hear views and opinions of different mathematics teachers and parents. This is not a blog […]