Saga of Mathematics Teaching…..

Returning to blog after a long hiatus – summer break and travels. These travels give me an opportunity to discuss and reflect upon about different teaching styles being used in different schools mainly in Delhi – of course done through discussion with nieces and nephews. Discussions this year has further strengthened my faith in the inquiry based learning through connections from simple aspects to challenging aspects.

My niece is preparing for the big “grade 12” exams and hence a lot of thoughts revolved around “what was she finding difficult” and then  pondering on “why was she finding it difficult”.  I felt that a lot of her problems could have been resolved with an explanation about how things work and connect in mathematics before starting that practice of questions.  This also reaffirmed my belief about concept based learning that should revolve around discussion. One specific example to cite here – my sister in law (a mathematics teacher who deals with students in grades 1 to 5) and I were discussing -what do you add to a polynomial to make it divisible by another polynomial ?  Both of us felt that this question can be answered by the students if they go back to the basics of division  and reflect on ” what would you add to a number to make it divisible by a given divisor?”.

As the school starts, I am very excited about getting a renowned mathematics professor to our school- if this materializes then students and teachers will learn a lot about interesting mathematical problems which means not just the ones we can see in exams.

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